Story talks of love

Sewings :
I looked at the sky every night
The stars scattered
But none of those shining stars
Felt increasingly lonely hearts
Needle :
That my dear beloved
Why are you lonely
I here there is the bright star
Which always accompanies each night
Sewings :
You're the brightest star
But that was then unfortunately
Now my heart is no longer calm
Because the heart has taken the
Needle :
Why do you say that you
You always wonder
But I can not deny
Because it has been divided heart
Sewings :
            You really made ​​my heart was grieved
            Help me hate you
            I love you too much
           You are so mean to me
Needle :
Never love you hate
I may not be the best for you
Give me your smile always
Although later I will leave you
Sewings :
Look at me now dear
My smile has again come
Have fun you now
At he very you love
Needle :
I saw a smile on your lips
But really I know
I feel tears in your heart
I beg pardon me
Sewings :
I will try to give up
Hopefully you got him happiness
Allow me Leave a message
Do not ever forget all the wonderful memories
Needle :
Sincere and pure love
I'll always remember all the wonderful memories
You've definitely got the better of me
Goodbye to the past
Believe it or not, in every step of our lives no words ever spoken and There's a love that could be created
but all that is just the way our memories in this life. However, one thing Believe it is only part of the intonation or tone in a rhythm of life for us to enjoy

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