cara menghapus semua tag poto facebook dengan sekali click

Lain jelema teh sok ngararetag sakayang bujurna wae pan gening hadeuh.. poto saha.. poto naon.. naha aing anu di tag :D kadang-kadang.. ckckck.. mantakan ngarah teu cangkeul teuing nya kapaksa nyieun nu kieu patut.
This tool will check all photos tagged of you and shows you the list of who has tagged you and how much photo they've tag you on. You may choose to un-tag all of them or only un-tag photos created by an individual friend.
By default this tool will randomly use one of three apps ids, Nokia, Xperia™ Smartphone from Sony and Facebook for Android. You may use another apps but it will not be guaranteed to succeed in the process, so try and try again until you get bored :P
As usual, to get an access token simply click on get token button, grant the firmissions, copy the full URL from the last dialog window and paste it on your forehead XD lol.
Click here whenever you're ready

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