Prevent Blogger Blog From Being Indexed in Search Engines

Prevent Blog Indexing
When you start your new blog, it start being indexed and crawled by search engines bots after few days but if your blog is not fully ready for public readers then it will hurt your blog reputation because no one like to read under construction blogs. At the early state or development period of blogs we need to first prepare its design looks professional and blog should be content ready so that early visitors don't go frustrated with poor and incomplete content. We should prevent our blog from being indexed in search engines till it is not fully complete so that we can welcome the readers to visit our blog and read our content. In this tutorial you will learn how to prevent blogger blog from being indexed and crawled in all search engines.

Protect Blog from Indexing

This goal is very simple to achieve just follow the below steps:
  1. Log in to your blogger dashboard.

  2. Go to Settings >> Basic.

  3. blogger basic settings

  4. Now click on "edit" under the privacy section.

  5. Select "No" for both the options "Add your blog to our listings?" as well as "Let search engines find your blog?". See below picture.

  6. blogger privacy
  7. Now click on "Save changes" button.

  8. You are done!

If you want to make your blog private so that only blog admin and authors can access it not the public users then read this post: How to Make Blogger Blog Private?

Final Words!

This was the little trick by which you can easily prevent your blog from being indexed and crawled by search engines. When you think that your blog should now appear in search results, then revert "No" to "Yes" again. That's it. If you have any doubt then asks me through comments. Happy Blogging!

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