Johny Blackstore Invoice Email

Johny Blackstore Invoice Email

Template Details :
features shopping carts here are still able to function not only as a sweetener blog, I've modified the templates by changing a system notification via email or the term invoice email.

If your users one of the templates above, and have modified these templates, so if you download again will change the color and composition of widgets and all the others. You just download the template used above, then look for the code that I add the template, copy it into your template.
Shopping Cart Posts Code:
<div class="product_image">
<a class="cloud-zoom" href="url-image.jpg" rel="softFocus: true, position:'inside', smoothMove:2"><img border="0" class="item_thumb" src="url-image.jpg" /></a>
<span class="item_price">$00.00</span></div>
<div class="product_describe">
Description your product.............


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